Android Oreo officially available for the Xiaomi Mi A1

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The Xiaomi Mi A1, an Android One based device, is one of the first smartphones to receive the official Android Oreo update. On December 31st, Xiaomi announced on twitter that they are rolling out the official update and celebrating the year-end with an O. The software which was in beta for a while is finally available for the general consumers to download. Here is a list of new features that the Oreo update adds to the Mi A1.

1. Bundled notification toggles.

The first visual change you will see is with the notification toggles. They are more organized and bundled than they were on Marshmallow. All the notifications from a single app are packed into as one. You can swipe on the single toggle to view all the notifications from a particular app. This makes managing all the notifications much easier and faster. The notification shade itself also receives a minor visual overhaul with a greyish accent.

Android Oreo officially available for the Xiaomi Mi A1

2. Shorter settings menu

The settings app on the Mi A1 also receives a visual as well as a layout change. The icons on the settings menu now match the quick toggles with a grey iconography. The menu itself is shorter now with a clean and minimal interface. This makes navigating through the menu much easier than it was with the older setting.

Android Oreo officially available for the Xiaomi Mi A1

3. Picture in Picture (PiP)

One of the most highlighted features of Android Oreo is the picture in picture mode. Now with Mi A1, you can watch a youtube video, on a floating window, without having the need to keep the app open. This feature comes quite in handy while trying to multi-task!

Android Oreo officially available for the Xiaomi Mi A1

4. Adaptive icons

Adaptive icons is a small software tweak on Android Oreo that we love! Now the apps have an option that let you choose what the default shape of the icons are going to be like. You can choose from a style of a square, rounded square, squircle, and teardrop over the default icons.Android Oreo officially available for the Xiaomi Mi A1-Adaptive-Icons-Phones-In-nepal

5. Notification Dot

Another small software tweak on the Mi A1 is the notification dot. Instead of the ugly and obtrusive notification count, now you get a minimal dot denoting a notification from a particular app.

Android Oreo officially available for the Xiaomi Mi A1

6. Smart Text Selection

Whenever you select any text on your device, Google will identify the text and give you various options according to it. It may be anything like a translation, a web search, or a location search. This definitely will come in handy in situations where you don’t want to copy and paste text from one app to another.

Android Oreo officially available for the Xiaomi Mi A1

7. Autofill API

The Mi A1, with the Oreo update, comes with a new Autofill API. This helps users to autofill user id, and password across all apps thus saving a ton of time.

Android Oreo officially available for the Xiaomi Mi A1

So these were some of the newer features that Android Oreo update brings to the Xioami Mi A1. These features, though not a major overhaul, is something we all will appreciate on the Mi A1. That said, some smaller features are yet to be discovered! For those and more on the Xiaomi Mi A1 Oreo update,  like our Facebook page and also visit our website regularly. Please also subscribe to Phones In Nepal Youtube channel for awesome unboxing, hands-on, review, tech news, and tips and tricks videos.