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Read the latest tech news in Nepal, latest gadgets (smartphones, laptops, tablets) launches in Nepal, and tech happenings relevant to Nepalese.

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Pixel 2 Undergoes a Massive Leak Ahead of its Official Release

Pixel 2 Undergoes a Massive Leak Ahead of its Official Release

Google is officially releasing its flagship for the year with Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 in the upcoming week. However, there has been...
HTC U11 Price in Nepal

HTC U11 unveiled. Does it stand out against the other flagships?

HTC last week announced their newest flagship, the HTC U11. In the midst of the arrival of flagships like Samsung Galaxy S8, Lg G6, Sony...

Celebrate Dashain 2074 with Samsung UtsabkoUmanga

Brace your self-guys Dashain is coming!! As we get closer to Dashain, we can see different offers from different brands. Samsung, the leading smartphone...
Intel ruler SSD with 32TB storage price in Nepal

Intel’s first ruler SSD with 32TB storage unveiled

Exactly one year ago, Intel announced its first "ruler" SSD (Solid State Drive) form-factor, aiming at the enterprise data storage market. When announced, Intel...