Samsung Galaxy Note9 S-Pen tips and tricks

Samsung Galaxy Note9: Cool S-Pen tips & tricks

One of the most defining features of the Note series, from Samsung, has always been the S-Pen. This Samsung made stylus differentiates it from the others and makes the...

How to Take Better Photos from your Smartphone

Who doesn’t like clicking pictures? Well, except for some exceptional people, we all love taking pictures when we travel, see something interesting, with our friends and on multiple occasions....

Get smarter with your smartphone!!

The smartphone is named after some of its smartness. They are more than just tweeting machines and can do a lot of smart things we typically wouldn't expect from...

How to get longer battery life from your smartphone!

We all always want longer battery life from our smartphones!! But that is not always possible due to various factors. Of course, the battery capacity plays a huge role...

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Vivo Sales Carnival

Vivo Sales Carnival Nepal: Get Amazing Deals on Vivo Phones

Vivo smartphones sport generous camera specs and features. The newer phones from the company also house improved the latest hardware and software compared to...
Daraz 12.12

Daraz 12.12 Grand Year End Sale

Just a month ago, Daraz launched the November 11.11 sale that brought in a huge influx of discounts on products ranging from electronics to...
Daraz 11.11

Daraz 11.11 – Deals You Should Check Out

Daraz is finally ready to launch its annual sale with a plethora of deals and offers on the table. Using debit/credit cards will let...

Galaxy Buds Discount 50% for S10 and Note 10 Purchase

Samsung launched its first smartphone just 10 years ago. The smartphone market has undergone massive changes with rapid advancements. To celebrate these past 10...

Redmi Note 7 Pro Receives a Price Drop

The Redmi Note 7 Pro is one of the hottest mid-tier smartphones of 2019. It packs the best set of hardware and software offerings....