How to get longer battery life from your smartphone!


We all always want longer battery life from our smartphones!! But that is not always possible due to various factors. Of course, the battery capacity plays a huge role in it but longer battery life can be achieved through software optimization. Beyond that, you can also make some tweaks that increase your current battery life. Here are some ways you can do just that:

A long battery life? Here are some hacks to keep your smartphone on your hands rather on the plug:

  1. Lower the brightness
  2. Turn off wifi/ Bluetooth when you aren’t using it
  3. Turn off auto updates
  4. Do not close all the recent apps; reopening the app causes the battery to drain more
  5. Turn off Haptic Feedback
  6. Turn off location
  7. Do not full charge (100%); usually, charge from (20%-80%)
  8. Don’t let your phone heat up.
  9. Do not use your phone while charging.

So here some of our tips to get longer battery life from your smartphone. For more useful tips like this like our Facebook page and tune into our website again.