A player wins €172,000 on a slot machine

by Samrat Amatya

It's a well-known fact that some players are luckier than others at casino games. Luck plays a relatively important role, especially on slot machines. Some players win huge sums of money, enough to make your head spin. This is the case of a player from the Barrière du Touquet casino who won over €172,000. We will tell you her crazy story.

A €3 bet wins €172,000

There are days that players at the Barrière du Touquet casino will remember more than others. This is the case this July 14, 2022! This day of the national holiday had indeed nothing trivial for a fifty-year-old woman, a slot machine fan. This happy woman has always preferred to play slots on bollywood-slots.net/.

By betting 3 euros, the tourist from the south of France who was then on vacation in the region won the jackpot worth €172,720.49, a record sum for this casino in Pas-de-Calais.

The moment of joy took place shortly after the traditional fireworks. The gambling enthusiast then spoke out loud when all the lights on the slot machine started to flash, meaning that the jackpot had been won.

This woman is all the luckier because she has only been to this casino in Le Touquet twice. Luck smiled on her relatively quickly!

A relatively rare win on slot games

Caroline Fraboulet, the marketing manager of the Touquet casino, explains that such a 6-figure win is very rare. The win was on a Quick Hit™ slot machine number 487. The win was then pending for several years and could be snatched up at any time.

The sums are usually around 1,000 to 5,000 euros, but very rarely consist of 6 digits, as here. It was a real chance to hit this great jackpot. It will be a few years before another big win like this one is won again.

But don't panic; there are other equally large jackpots to be won, including a jackpot of no less than 236,000 Euros waiting to be won. This is a great incentive to go to this casino in the North of France.

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